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How Invisalign® Works

Invisalign® Clear Aligners logoInvisalign® is a custom-molded orthodontic treatment designed to straighten your teeth quickly and efficiently. Treatment consists of wearing a series of aligners that gently guide your teeth into the desired position. Each set is designed to fit precisely on your teeth, resulting in a smile that is straight and even.

Because they are made from a clear material, Invisalign® Clear Aligners are practically invisible, even when you’re engaged in conversation. Their smooth edges and complete absence of metal wires and brackets make them comfortable to wear as they reshape your smile.

You can still enjoy all your favorite foods. Popcorn, pretzels, corn on the cob, whatever; with Invisalign® it’s no problem! Brushing and flossing are also much easier with Invisalign® Clear Aligners. You can keep your normal oral hygiene habits and keep your teeth clean and healthy.

Best of all, treatment with Invisalign® gives most patients an even, beautiful smile in half the time of traditional braces! Using advanced 3-D imaging and precise molding techniques, the aligners guide your teeth to proper position quickly and comfortably.