You are fortunate to have dental insurance, whether you have purchased it or your employer has provided it for you. Though your dental insurance is your responsibility, we can help! We will go the extra mile to help you maximize your benefits.

As a courtesy, we will help by filing your insurance forms, which will save you considerable time and trouble. We accept payments from most insurance companies, which reduces your immediate out-of-pocket expense.

IMPORTANT: Regardless of the amount we estimate your insurance company will pay, it is only that: an estimate. We calculate our estimates based on the information obtained from your insurance company. However, we cannot guarantee that they will pay this amount.

We must stress that you are responsible for the total treatment fee. Your dental insurance is not designed to pay the entire cost of your treatment, but it is intended to help cover a certain portion of the cost. Better terms for dental insurance may be “dental assistance” or “dental benefits.”

Please remember, however, the financial obligation for dental treatment is between you and this office, not between this office and your insurance company.

In order for us to obtain your insurance information for submitting your claim and/or discuss your situation directly with your insurance please complete the Insurance Information Release Form and return it to us as soon as possible.