Botox Relieves Pain and Eliminates Signs of Aging

You thought Botox only eliminated wrinkles, helping people look like gorgeous, young Hollywood actors. But it has other uses, too. Your friendly family dentist, Dr. Lauren at Orange Beach Family Dentistry, doubles as a trained Botox professional. Botox relieves pain and she can apply it to relax those stiff muscles causing your pain with trigger point therapy. Additionally, if you want to shed those inevitable signs of aging, she does that, too.

Botox Relieves Painbotox relieves pain

Sure, Botox smooths out those wrinkles. But this treatment best known for its anti-aging benefits also effectively reduces, even eliminates, pain. Botox relaxes those stiff head and neck muscles with trigger point therapy.

What is Trigger Point Therapy?

Have a killer headache? Temporomandibular joint connecting your jaw to your skull throbbing? Sore or stiff neck bothering you? Have no fear, Botox can sooth those aches and pains.

You can develop knots from poor posture, emotional distress, whiplash injuries, falls and bad sleeping positions. The good news is Dr. Lauren uses trigger point therapy. Putting Botox on “trigger points” effectively block the signals sent from the brain, telling the muscles to contract and cause you pain. One treatment of Botox can ease the muscles from three to six months. Generally, after the treatment the muscles will contract normally without pain or spasms.

Migraine victims reported Botox cut the number of days they experienced headaches in half. Botox also has been found to relieve a pain disorder called temporomandibular joint syndrome, or TMJ syndrome for short. It occurs from an injury to the teeth or jaw, misalignment of the teeth or jaw, teeth grinding, poor posture, stress, arthritis or even gum chewing.

Botox Advantages

Botox treatments generally take about 20 minutes and can last anywhere from three to six months. Additionally, Botox lacks the side effects of oral pain medications, such as sedation, fatigue and dizziness. Usually, the most common side effect of Botox includes soreness or discomfort that a cold pack can simply alleviate. And last but not least, Botox allows patients to continue their regular medications with no risk of a dangerous drug interaction.

Orange Beach Family Dentistry Offers Botox Treatments

Dr. Lauren’s advanced training and experience with oral and maxillofacial anatomy makes her an ideal professional to provide safe and effective Botox treatments to relax your muscles and relieve your pain. Learn more about how Botox relieves pain and can benefit you by calling us today!

And don’t forget! Orange Beach Family Dentistry also does Facial Aesthetic Treatments to help you look and feel younger!