A Dental Emergency Happens on Vacation, Now What?

You go on vacation and end up slipping and falling and knocking out a tooth. Now what? Dental emergency room visits doubled from 1.1 million in 2000 to 2.2 million in 2012, an American Dental Association study found. Instead of rushing to the nearest hospital, though, call Orange Beach Family Dentistry. Without delay and for a much cheaper price, we can handle any dental emergency and restore your beautiful smile! 

Dental Emergency, Now What?dental emergency

You came on vacation to the sugary white beaches of the Gulf Coast to enjoy the surf and sand. But you slip and fall and crack, break or knock out a tooth. If you act fast, this dental emergency won’t spoil your trip.

More than five million teeth are knocked out every year and dentists like Dr. Lauren at Orange Beach Family Dentistry stand ready and willing to spring into action.

Before rushing to our office, put an ice pack on your mouth or cheek to ease your pain and reduce swelling.

A permanent tooth that gets knocked out can sometimes go back in place. To help ensure a successful reimplantation, pick up the tooth by the crown and gently rinse it with saliva, milk or saline. Try to put the tooth back into your socket, biting down on moistened gauze, wash rag or wet tea bag.

Do not touch the root and handle the tooth as little as possible.

If you’re unable to do this, put your tooth in the fluid you used for rinsing and come see us immediately. The sooner you re-implant the tooth — typically within an hour — the better chance you have of a healthy tooth embedded in your gum once again.

Don’t Delay Seeing the Dentist!

First things first, we will ease your pain. If you successfully put your knocked-out or avulsed tooth back in, Dr. Lauren will examine it and do an X-ray to makes sure the tooth sits in the correct position. Finally, she will splint it to the teeth on either side to keep it in the right place for two weeks.

However, if the nerves and blood vessels become too damaged for repair, you must undergo a root canal.

If no way exists to see Orange Beach Family Dentistry right away, try to replace the tooth in your mouth and cover it with temporary dental cement sold at drugstores.

Call Orange Beach Family Dentistry for Your Dental Emergency!

A good time never exists for a dental emergency. It often can be easily prevented with routine dental care, which typically cost a third of what the average hospital ER dental visit costs.

But if you do have a dental emergency act quickly to visit Orange Beach Family Dentistry! Call our office right away, so we can keep your smile bright and healthy!